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Hunterline kits built by our customers...

The following set of photos sent to us by Dennis Murphy, Washington

N Scale 170' Howe Truss Through Bridge

N Scale 50' Queen Post Truss Bridge

N Scale Timber Portal, Timber Retaining Wall and CPR Timber Snowshed

N Scale CPR Timber Snowshed and 50' Queen Post Truss Bridge

February, 2017

Hello Rick,

Here is a pic of one of your S scale Howe Through Truss bridges that is nearly complete. Your kits and stains are outstanding! I love building with your products. I used a half and half mix of Driftwood and Light Gray on the bridge and piers. I think this project is turning out great so far and will make a spectacular scene on my railroad when installed. I just started work on building the Howe Deck Bridge and am enjoying it as much as the first two kits. Thanks for providing such quality kits and stains.

Happy Modeling,
Ward Miller