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50' QUEEN POST TRUSS BRIDGE - Scale: HO (Length 6-7/8" Width 3-7/8" max Height 1-15/16" Clearance (W) 2-3/16" max)



Scale: HO

Length 6-7/8"  Width  3-7/8" max   Height  1-15/16"  Clearance (W)  2-3/16" max

Canadian railroads were notorious for Queen Post Truss Bridges. They are a larger version of the King Post, and thus could span a much farther distance, especially with multiple spans. The kit includes strip basswood, white pine ties (N scale ties are basswood), Nut/Bolt/Washer castings, and actual steel rods. Full-size templates are enclosed for various clearances: 16' wide for standard NMRA Specs 14'  for Narrow Gauge layouts. This design can also be modified for roadways. Proper size drill bit included. The ‘S’ scale model’s clearance is excellent for On30.