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CPR TIMBER SNOWSHED - Scale: O (Length 21-11/16" Width 15-1/16" Height 9" Clearances (W) 4-3/8" (H) 5-13/16")



Scale: O

Length 21-11/16"  Width  15-1/16"  Height 9"  Clearances (W)  4-3/8"  (H) 5-13/16"

One of the unique aspects of mountain railways is a snowshed. It is used to cover the mainline track where snow and rock avalanches occur. This structure is typical of most CPR western lines, circa 1938. The design is based on Mile 24 on the Coquihalla Subdivision. Measurements are 87' long and about 60' deep, but this is completely flexible. Kit materials are strip basswood and Nut/Bolt/Washer castings. This kit may take a while to assemble, but it is well worth it. The ‘S’ scale model’s clearance is excellent for On30.