Covid-19 Update: We are producing Weathering Mix again.

TIMBER PORTAL - Scale: O (Depth 4-5/16" Width 7" max Height 7-3/4" Clearances (W) 4" max (H) 5-3/4")



Scale: O

Depth 4-5/16"   Width  7" max    Height 7-3/4"     Clearances (W) 4"max   (H) 5-3/4"

This design was used for tunnels that had problems with falling rocks. It can be made with or without the front braces, and adds a superb touch to any layout. All materials are strip basswood and include Nut/Bolt/Washer castings. Full-size templates are enclosed for various clearances: 16' wide for standard NMRA Specs and 14' for Narrow Gauge layouts. The ‘S’ scale model’s clearance is excellent for On30.