We are Rick Hunter and Maureen Hooks Hunter.

Hunterline has been in business since 1994. We manufacture craftsman-quality prototype wooden bridges and trackside structures for the novice and expert modeller. All our kits are accurately scaled in N, HO, S and O and all Narrow Gauges. We also have templates only, for TT, G (1:24) and F scales. About 10 years ago, we introduced our stains, “Weathering Mix”, which has been a great success story. We attend about 20 shows a year: NMRA National; National Narrow Gauge; Springfield, MA; Trainfest, Milwaukee; Fine Scale Expo and many Regional and local shows. We do travel coast to coast.

We are a Canadian business, but we have a well stocked warehouse in Maryland. We can ship to our US dealers and customers quickly and efficiently.

At a show, we usually require two booths (10’ by 20’ area), where we have all our displays and demo table. If booths are not available, we require 40’ linear frontage. Maureen is continuously building one of our kits right in front of you. We usually have a few chairs out front, so that you can sit, watch and chat awhile. We are happy to share our methods and techniques. We are always told that our displays are excellent.

Make n’ Take Clinics

We enjoy giving ‘make ‘n’ take’ clinics. We do about eight clinics each year for many Conventions and Regional Clubs. Our clinic room is usually set up in a classroom style, with a table at the front, where Maureen is building the same kit as the participants. If the equipment is available, we try to have the workspace projected to an overhead screen. We supply plastic covers for all tables. About two weeks prior to the clinic, we send all the registrants a tool list for the project. Our clinics are usually run on a pre-paid basis. Either the host organization can collect the money or we can collect, using Paypal or any major Credit Card. We need to know in advance, what scale and colours of Weathering Mix the registrant would like. Through participant clinic evaluations, we have found that everyone has a great learning experience and they really enjoy the socialization – it’s a fun time!


What Our Clients Say

Hello Rick and Maureen!

It was great to see you once again today at the Great Scale Train Show in Timonium today!  I was glad my son Brett got to meet you finally too!  He was so excited to try out the products you so graciously provided that he text me from his home a few hours later saying he was already trying them out and absolutely loved them.  I knew he would as I have a good collection of them myself and swear by them.  Before he left my home for his after the show he borrowed 4 or 5 of mine to combine with his…hahaha..  I think he’s hooked.

Todd Wiley

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