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Your kits and stains are outstanding! I love building with your products. I think this project is turning out great so far and will make a spectacular scene on my railroad when installed. I just started work on building the Howe Deck Bridge. Thanks for providing such quality kits and stains.
What fabulous workmanship!
Still a novice and doing my best and will get better. Thanks Rick for a great product!
I love and promote your products. Why? They are damn good.
I’ve completed your 50’ queen post truss covered bridge. The kit is wonderful, engendering joy and catharsis throughout the entire process. The instructions with photos made the building easy, comfortable, even rhythmic.
To say it is just a foreground model doesn’t do it justice. Thanks for all the hard work you do in putting these kits together. From this modeller’s workbench, it is well worth it and appreciated.
A great kit and I have really enjoyed building it and I am really happy with the results.



Ward Miller
Richard Morgan
Chris from California
Ed from Florida
Don from Connecticut
George from California
Joe from Las Vegas

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