Hunterline kits built by our customers…

The following set of photos sent to us by Dennis Murphy, Washington

N Scale 170′ Howe Truss Through Bridge

N Scale 50′ Queen Post Truss Bridge

N Scale Timber Portal, Timber Retaining Wall and CPR Timber Snowshed

N Scale CPR Timber Snowshed and 50′ Queen Post Truss Bridge

February, 2017

Hello Rick,

Here is a pic of one of your S scale Howe Through Truss bridges that is nearly complete. Your kits and stains are outstanding! I love building with your products. I used a half and half mix of Driftwood and Light Gray on the bridge and piers. I think this project is turning out great so far and will make a spectacular scene on my railroad when installed. I just started work on building the Howe Deck Bridge and am enjoying it as much as the first two kits. Thanks for providing such quality kits and stains.

Happy Modeling,
Ward Miller


October, 2017

The following photo was sent to us by Richard Morgan from Illinois. “Here’s my Deck/Through/Deck bridge on my layout made from your fabulous kits”. The second photo shows how Richard adapted our Pile Pier kit to accommodate the HO Deck and Through bridge.

What fabulous workmanship!



December, 2017

Photo of our Queen Post Truss Covered Bridge submitted by Tom Hartrum.

December, 2017

Bill Dimenna, Florida found another use for our stains. He uses it as part of oil paint under painting to convey distance.

February, 2018

Chris from California sent us these images using our stains and some kind words…WELL DONE CHRIS!

“Hi Rick,

I am a novice and getting better due to your stains.

What you see below are structures weathered with your stains without paint except for the windows and doors.

I used your Yellow Cream for the upper structure and weathered it with the Light Brown.

The wall next to the structure was stained with a Boxcar Brown and I used sandpaper to strip away some stain.

The framing was weathered with Golden Brown.

The little structural below the upper structural was stained with the Hunter Green Stain.

All stairs, platforms were stained with the Light Gray or Sandalwood Brown stains.

This project is still in process…much to do and fix!

Again, still a novice and doing my best and will get better. 

Thanks Rick for a great product.”


February, 2018

HO Snowshed built by a customer and on a curve! Excellent modelling!


August, 2018

Ron from North Carolina likes our Weathering Mix. Great weathering job!

“I stained all the wood with Driftwood and then used Creosote around the bottom to make that area darker. Here and there I used a bit of Dark Brown and or Cordovan or Sandalwood to give some color variation”


September 3, 2018

Richard sent these photos of a 3D Printer Crawler/Dozer he ‘weathered’ using our Stains and some paints. What a great job! Look at the detail.

“I used “Sandlewood, light Gray and Dark brown” along with some real dirt. Tan paint on the seat and silver paint for the external valve pushrods. Again light Gray Testors primer.”


April, 2019

These photos of our 86′ Howe Truss Deck Bridge kit, using our Weathering Mix on the bridge and scenery submitted by Terry from Arizona. He used S scale for On30. Looks great!:

“The first photo is the scene you see when you open the door. The bridge is your S scale (perfect for On30) 86′ Howe deck which I bashed a little bit to make it look more like my prototype. I shortened the under side and made it look more spindly. The photo from the other side shows not only the bridge but also the river that runs out the door and floods the driveway, not!! All of the plaster rock work and the structures were colored using Weathering Mix as well as weathering the painting of the Curecanti Needle. ”

Terry, Arizona


April, 2019

A testimonial from one of our customers:

“I love and promote your products.

Why? They are damn good.”

Ed, Florida


April, 2019

The following are photos from a customer who built our 50′ Queen Post Truss Covered Bridge kit, using our Weathering Mix. Excellent modelling Don!

“Dear Rick and Maureen,

I’ve completed your 50’ queen post truss covered bridge and just found a home for it over my Pomperaug River.  I am proud of this effort and you should be, too.

The kit is wonderful, engendering joy and catharsis throughout the entire process.  The instructions with photos made the building easy, comfortable, even rhythmic.   You mistakenly included Z scale NBWs.  Just kidding.  At my age they looked like Z scale.  Honestly it was good to see some NBWs that weren’t grossly overscale.

I found it helpful to sand the solid sides of the shingle strips down to about 50%.  This step is quick and easy and the strips are sturdy enough to handle the sanding with no damage at all.  I used your light grey, barn red, and medium brown weathering mixes- superior- best stains I’ve ever used.  I highlighted the shingles with some lighter grey craft paint.

Thank you for a very satisfying modeling experience.  Let me know when you come up with an olde weatherbeaten water tower kit.  Make them in various sizes and I’ll buy one of each!”

Yours in modeling,

Don, Connecticut


August, 2019

Photos from Martin, Durango, Colorado. Very well done!

“I have enclosed some photos of a scratchbuilt structure. The structure is a styrene house stained with your PT Green and the basement is strip wood with Cordovan Brown. This is based on an article in Model Railroader.”


November, 2019

Chris sent photos of Bush’s Mill, by Conowingo Models. Super model! We love Raw Sienna as well!

“I used random combinations of Driftwood, Blue Gray, and Raw Sienna (my current favourite) to colour the woods. The roof is real cedar from Rail Scale Models that I’ve weathered some.”


December, 2019

George from San Luis Obispo, California sent this photo of our 86′ Howe Truss Deck Bridge. Great model! Thank you for your kind words!

“This is an HO scale kit with a bit of kit bashing to get it to fit into the space I was given. It was stained with your products as well. The stains were the basic weathering, Light Gray for most of the timbers and Creosote Black for the ties. A bit of weathering was added with simple chalks.

The layout location of the truss is at the “dip-under” leading out of the layout room, within 2″ of the layout’s edge and it is right at eye level for most visitors. To say it is just a foreground model doesn’t do it justice. Thanks for all the hard work you do in putting these kits together. From this modeller’s workbench, it is well worth it and appreciated.”


December 2019

Sam,  from Cambridge Model Railroad club. Great work! Super to see young modellers developing!




March 2020

Joe from  Las Vegas sent this photo of our S Scale Howe Truss Through bridge. Great modelling!

” a great kit and I have really enjoyed building it and I am really happy with the results.”


May, 2020

Ken from Lodi, California just finished our 170′ Howe Truss Through bridge. Great work Ken!

“Great kit”

Thank you Ken, we’re glad you enjoyed the build!


May, 2020

Steve from Calgary, sent these photos of our King Post Truss bridge kit he has made in dual gauge. Great colouring! He has also ‘weathered’ boxcars using our Cordovan Brown Weathering Mix. Great work!